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Planning that new addition…

Spring is a great time to plan that new addition you’ve always wanted. Depending on what you’d like, new additions are considered to be one of three different types; the additional room, the sunroom or the detached addition. Countryside Restoration Inc are expert carpenters that can plan and build your new addition this Spring.

Building an additional Room

An extra room could be a new family room, bedroom or office. To build an additional room you either “build out” or “build up”. The process involves creating an additional structure to your existing floor-plan so it looks seamless with the rest of the home.

When you “Build out” this usually results in a building at ground level. This is also one of the most popular types because it offers minimal disruption to the rest of the home while extending the overall square footage outward. “Building up” is used if you want to expand your living space without increasing the foundation and perimeter of your home, building up is a great option. For this type of addition, you add a room upstairs or build an entire second floor.

Building a Sunroom

Sunrooms are usually more budget oriented as compared to other types of additions. The cost depends on the amount of space it has, it’s location in your home and any extras that you decide to build in. If you want to keep the price on the lower side, you could have a sunroom built as a multi-season room without heating.

Building a Detached Addition

Detached additions can vary in style and cost. These are buildings that are not connected to the main structure of your home and can be built as garages, offices, getaways, guest houses, sheds etc. There are many options and it’s probably best to get professional advise before you decide what to build.

Countryside Restoration can help plan and build your new addition this Spring.

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