Helpful tricks for ice and snow…

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Winter is almost here and that means snow could be arriving soon. Here are some fun ways to manage the ice and snow around your home this season… [1] Table salt on your windshield Did you know that common table salt can be used as a preventative measure for winter ice-overs? Try this trick: pour […]

Labor Day purchase guide

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Along with other sale days such as Black Friday, Labor Day sales very tempting to go out and purchase products. There will be great sales to find, however, some products are only meant to fill the shelves and will probably not provide a good deal in the short or long run. Here’s a short guide […]

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

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The end of Summer is approaching so here are some tips to help manage your home maintenance projects. Work safely and make sure to use the services of a professional if you are unfamiliar with tools, construction or other project requirements. [1] A complete gutter inspection –– to remove leaves, nests, and debris. After […]

Memorial Weekend Vehicle Safety

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Memorial Weekend Vehicle Safety On average, AAA rescues more than 330,000 broken-down or stranded motorists between Friday and Monday over Memorial weekend. Here’s how to stay prepared as you hit the road for your vacation barbecues, family picnics and camping trips… [1]Check all of your vehicle and device batteries A dead car battery is one […]