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Expert tips for raking leaves

Now that the leaves are beginning to fall, here are some expert tips on how to make the raking day(s) go smoothly.

Dry leaves are easier

Simply put, wet leaves are heavy and more work. Try raking on a dry day. It will help you avoid injury and the annoying job of handling a wet pile at the end.

Stay Healthy

Remember, this is a workout. Do some stretches, bends and practice motions before you start. The last thing you want is to injure your back or other muscles due to lack of preparation. Posture is also very important. Stand up straight and switch hands frequently. When you bend down to pick up leaves, use your legs not your back. In addition, don’t feel like you have to tackle the whole property all at once. Divide the job up into smaller parts with rests in between.

Have Patience

It’s commonly a desire to start raking as soon as the leaves start falling, but this will make for many extra hours of work. Wait until all the tree branches are bare to tackle the entire property. Of course, clear the main pathways and driveways as needed but constantly raking doesn’t really save time. If you wait, you will save time and effort.

The Wind

Working with leaves on a calm day will limit the windy interference and this is the ideal scenario. If you do happen to have a windy day though, rake the leaves in the same direction the air is moving. This avoids blow-back.

The Correct Tools

That same old rake you’ve been using for the past decade is probably not the best tool for the job. Not only can it be dangerous but there are many newer designs that add to efficiency and use. Commit to using a good yard tool for your yard work in the fall.

Smarter not Harder

Depositing the leaves into smaller piles is the best way to avoid a heap at the end. If you rake the leaves onto a tarp, this will allow you to drag them rather than pick them up by hand.

Try an electric Mulching Mower

With efficiency in mind, a mulching mower can clear your leaves and bag them as well. Good mulch is useful during growing seasons and gardening. An electric mower doesn’t use gasoline therefore the smell and noise are practically non-existent.