Labor Day purchase guide

Along with other sale days such as Black Friday, Labor Day sales very tempting to go out and purchase products. There will be great sales to find, however, some products are only meant to fill the shelves and will probably not provide a good deal in the short or long run.

Here’s a short guide for you with a list of products to avoid and also a few that will provide the best deal:

[1] Be careful when buying that new grille.

Now is the time everyone is filling the tank, getting out those smokers and brushing up the grille. There are deals out there but the best way to shop for one is to know exactly what kind you want before going to the store. The reason, many less quality items are displayed along with higher quality units. This way, the retailer can mark up the price on a low-end model while still looking like a deal next to the high-end unit. Do your homework on the grille you want first, then go out find the best price on it. That’s how to buy a grille this year.

[2] Wait to buy appliances.

Household larger appliances will have better discounts down the road. For example, the release time for new refrigerators is in June, therefore last year’s models are marked down then to clear the shelves. Occasionally you can find a discount or two, but appliances are a good area to do some serious smart shopping.

[3] Don’t go for Fall clothing… (yet)

The product to avoid right now is clothing for Fall. The shelves will only be filled with new styles and nothing will be discounted. Instead of boots, hats, gloves etc, grab them in about a month when prices are better. If you are fixated on clothing, look around for Summer-wear. You can find name-brand styles at great discounts.

[4] Not now for electronics

You won’t get the best deal. Most electronic products will be on sale Black Friday and the markdown then will be much better.

[5] Halloween items (only in an emergency)

Just like Valentine’s day, the absolute best day to buy any novelty Halloween item like candy, decorations, costumes etc. is the day after the holiday. This year, maybe go DIY and make something cool to wait and get the best deal on a costume. Markdowns can be as much as 90% the day after Halloween.

[6] Now is a good time for outdoor furniture, air conditioners and similar Summer products.

Lawn mowers, fans and swimming pools will probably also have deals. The reason is because larger items like these, take up lots of space, therefore, retailers have an incentive to sell them at marked down prices. Right now will be the best selection at the best price. Also keep in mind, if you wait until Winter, the options will be fewer. In this case, you’ll most likely hold out until next year and then have to pay top dollar in Summer.

Hope this helps you get a good deal somewhere. Have a safe and happy Labor day.