DIY projectsHome Improvement

Fun and affordable projects that add value to your home.

[1] Planting a tree.

Not only is it fun to plant a tree, but they are great additions to your home environment. Even if you are not planning to sell your home anytime soon, planting a few nice trees can add benefits in many other ways. They raise sale value, energy efficiency and aesthetic. A fully matured tree, in the right location around your home can cut energy costs as much as 40% by providing shade in the Summer. Trees are also great for the environment in general by providing habitat for wildlife and curb appeal for passers by.

[2] Drought-safe landscaping

Save time and money on your landscaping by finding drought-safe shrubs, wild-flowers, mulch, retaining walls etc. These kinds of plants do not require much water and time while making your home look fun and natural. Adding regional plant life and visual arrangement can make your home more appealing to a potential buyer as well. Look around your plant center for ‘drought-safe’ options to save your install cost while adding value to the entire home as well.

[3] Water filtration system.

Many home-buyers see this as an added luxury and it’s easy to install in the kitchen area. Keep in mind, these full systems are different than the faucet filters. They are professional quality and last longer. Throughout it’s use, the system will save you money on all that bottled water but also, many home buyers see this as a nice addition when comparing properties. Also, filtered water is a healthy way to drink water from your property or city source.

[4] Air quality

Mold and bacteria can thrive without noticeable symptoms, especially in rooms that do not get any movement. You’ll have to take a closer look but it’s possible your home might be hiding allergens, particles and toxins in items such as old carpets, wall coverings, furniture, porous surfaces etc. First, have a professional to test your home’s air quality. If the results prove that the environment is not up to par, find where the culprits are and plan to replace those items. For example, you can replace your old carpets with new natural fibers or solid-surface floor coverings. They are much easier to keep clean, don’t hold odors and provide a new modern look. If you have a central-air system, filters can be changed, installed and updated. Dehumidifiers are also very good to have around in the Summer months when it gets humid.

[5] The not so fun popcorn

Have you looked at your ceiling lately? If it has a bumpy popcorn-looking surface, you may want to consider changing it. Why? Because it is less-modern look in today’s home market and can give your home an out-dated appearance. This is a project you can handle yourself because you actually don’t need to resurface the space. There are convenient solutions to soften the texture so you can simply scrape the popcorn away. This affordable and simple update can really add modern feel to your home and overall appearance.