Memorial Weekend Vehicle Safety

Memorial Weekend Vehicle Safety

On average, AAA rescues more than 330,000 broken-down or stranded motorists between Friday and Monday over Memorial weekend. Here’s how to stay prepared as you hit the road for your vacation barbecues, family picnics and camping trips…

[1]Check all of your vehicle and device batteries

A dead car battery is one of the top reasons a motorist will need rescue. The typical life of a car battery is between three and five years. Make sure it has enough life left for a long trip by having it checked. If your are left stranded because of a dead battery, you’ll need to call for help, therefore, you should keep a charged phone in your glove box. In some cases you might need jumper cables for a boost. Best to have a good set with you on your trip.

[2] Check your tires and also the spare.

Here’s how to perform the ‘penny test’:

Put an upside-down penny into one of the tread grooves for each tire. If part of Lincoln’s head is covered, there’s enough tread for safe driving. Check the inflation as well. Properly inflated tires save fuel and also keep your tires from wearing unevenly. You can either keep a tire inflater in the trunk or stop by any gas station to get air. Most stations still require quarters. Next, don’t forget about the spare tire. Your model vehicle may not have a spare tire but rather an inflation kit instead. It’s best to check it before you get on the road.

[3] Keep a fresh flashlight in the car

If you do have a vehicle breakdown, it might be at night. A flashlight will allow you to see and also to be seen by others. Some LED flashlights are also phone chargers. Make sure you have fresh batteries or a freshly charged flashlight within reach.\

[4] Top off your fluids for cars and also people.

Before and during a trip of any length, check all your car’s vital fluids such as oil, coolant, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, and brake fluid. You can usually find essential fluids for your vehicle in any automotive section. Also, don’t forget about water for passengers and pets. If you’re traveling in remote areas where service stations and stores are less frequent, make sure to keep these items in the trunk or trailer:
(+) Extra engine oil
(+) Premixed engine coolant
(+) Windshield washer fluid
(+) Duct tape and electrical tape
(+) Basic hand tools like screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, and pliers
(+) Tire testing gauge
(+) Gloves and poncho
(+) A first aid kit

[5] Make yourself and vehicle visible

If you are stopped on the side of the road, set out an orange triangle or have flares with you. Many car survival kits come packaged with these kinds of items.

Most of all, have fun be safe this holiday weekend.